revealing the bibles hidden formats,
read the verses the authors 1st wrote.

explain the punctuation


in the beginning,

CREATOR CREATED the heavens and earth.

earth was formless and void,

darkness was over the surface of the deep.

SPIRIT OF THE CREATOR MOVED over the surface of waters,

CREATOR SAID let there be light.

there was light,

CREATOR SEES light for good.

CREATOR SEPARATED light from darkness,


darkness HE CALLED night,

evening and morning were the 1st day.

CREATOR SAID for the expanses to be in the midst of waters,

separated the waters from waters.

CREATOR MADE expanses,

by separating the waters.

that which were below the expanses,

from waters which were above the expanses.

thus the CREATOR CALLED the upper expanses heavens,

evening and morning were the 2nd day.

CREATOR SAID for waters below the heavens to be gathered,
{ 1 place for dry land to appear.}}  ]

thus the CREATOR CALLED the dry land earth.

the gathering of waters HE CALLED sea,

CREATOR SEES this for good.

CREATOR SAID for earth to sprout vegetation,
plants yielding seed and fruit trees bearing
fruits with their kinds of seeds on earth,

thus earth brought forth vegetation.

plants yielding seeds from their kind,

trees bearing fruit seeds from their kind.

CREATOR SEES this for good,

evening and morning were the 3rd day.

CREATOR SAID for lights to be in the expanse for a heaven,

separating day-light from night.

for signs and seasons,

for days and years.

the lights in the expanse of the heavens are to give light to earth,

thus the CREATOR MADE 2 great lights.

the greater light to govern the day,

and the lesser lights to govern the night.

{the stars also the CREATOR placed in the expanse for a heaven.}}  ]

giving light to the earth to govern day,

night was separated by lesser-lights and darkness.

the CREATOR SEES this for good,
evening and morning were the 4th day.

revealing the hidden hebrew & greek formats in the bible
copyrights © 2014, michael eashoo

  this audio will help you understand the 3 heavens, earth and sheol. i will also talk about the formatting and words within the brackets you see in genesis.

why is the bible hard to read

 because they are hiding editing done to the original text. 1600+ years of editing is now revealed.

 once you remove all punctuation and numbering. the hidden formats reveal themselves.
  you the reader, will now read what the original authors wrote:

 ~ the bible is now easy to read & understand.
 ~ see grouped verses by subjects in their true format.
 ~ each author has a style of writing. this can be
       read/tasted by the words he uses.
 ~ the formatting now dictates the chapters beginning
        & ending.
 ~ and most of all. you’ll see old editing of the text
       hidden for hundreds or years.

how i received copyrights to the bible


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what makes truth true

are these words a question? or a statement.